Frequently Asked Questions


How can I order from this website?

It’s really very simple. There isn’t a special page or form just for ordering items. The site is designed so that you can browse items and order as you browse.
Just hover on the Products link on the navigation bar above. This will show you a listing of product categories. Choose the category you want then you will get a page with products in that category. Now simply click on the item you want to view. When the item is displayed it will show you pictures, description, etc. On that page there will be an add to order button if the item is in stock (if not it will indicate that the item is not currently available), just enter the quantity you want and click Add to Order. The next page you see will be a listing of the items on your order with the option to continue shopping or to finish the order by entering your mailing, shipping, and payment information on the pages that follow after you click the finish order button.


Can you put a name on the rebound Bibles?

Sorry, but we do not. At one time we did gold stamp personalized names on rebound Bibles. However, due to a much more than average return rate, mistakes, mis-communication, etc. we had to discontinue this. Unlike other unpersonalized products that get returned, once a Bible has a name stamped on it that the customer is unsatisfied with, it cannot be repackaged and resold, resulting in a loss of the cost of the entire rebound Bible to us, and a waste of a perfectly good Bible, Reasoning, Song Book, etc. If there is a leather shop in your area, sometimes they can stamp personalized names on Bibles for you. We recommend that you first feel confident about the shop that you choose, to do a good job and watch them closely to ensure that they get your name on the Bible correctly.


Are you Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Yes, Carl and Betha, founders of Stoops Manufacturing Company, and present owners, are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many others that work here are also.

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