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Service Bag Organizers

Service Bag Organizers

So a trend that we’ve noticed with many of the items that customers have been ordering from our site is that they are things to help organize your favorite service bag. Things like tract holders, magazine holders, and similar items. Maybe you found a super great looking bag on sale at a local store or elsewhere but it really doesn’t have pockets that are the right size for the literature we use in service. These items are specifically designed to help you with that.

Field Service Record Book & Pages

Available in regular and large size. Keeps track of placements, time, and return visits in the ministry for each month and the year. The pages are refillable and have been updated for the new 2016 report form.

Campaign Organizers

The Campaign Organizer can hold invitation tracts and a few magazines or brochures. It also has optional Bible and Tablet holders available. This is a lighter version of the Magazine Day Organizer.

Donation Bags

Keep track of donations received in the ministry.

Card Holders

A simple way to keep your ministry cards clean and organized.

Tract Holders

Tract Holders

Designed to be tough and practical we have many sizes, styles and colors to choose from. We do have holders for the long tracts. Use the product filter on the left side of the following page to narrow down the products to find just what you’re looking for.

Magazine Day Organizers

Holds magazines, brochures, tracts and more. Optional Bible and tablet holders are available. Many styles to choose from.

Service Bags

Designed to be tough and practical we have many sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. Find the service bag that’s just right for you.

Memorial Invitation Holders

Helps keep your invitations from getting wrinkled and helps keep them organized in your bag.


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