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Workbooks are easier to handle and keep neat in an attractive hardback ring binder. Opens wide, lies flat while you mark your answers or use your Bible. Great for storing back issues of workbooks or km’s. 1 1/2″ rings will hold more than one year’s worth of back issues of Workbooks ,KM’s, Watchtowers and Awakes in chronological order. You can punch holes in Workbooks or Watchtowers size pages to fit in this.This ring binder has a clear open top pocket on front ,back and spine to hold cover sheet…Sometimes paper records become very valuable when the old tablet or computer crashes.
This is custom made for 7″ x 9″ paper size, Workbooks, or KM’s
Other items that work well with this thick ring binder:

  1. Note PagesPerfect for taking notes as you study, prepare comments, scriptures, etc. Insert a page where ever you wish among the study pages. Lined both sides. Space to put the page number that the notes relate to. Package of about 50. (Item #RB-SB-NOTE LP-PGS)
  2. Workbook Holder — Set of 12 Replacement Holders : Lets you store workbooks or km’s without punching holes in your literature. (Item #KM-O-HLDR SETOF12).


Extra Large Workbook Ring Binder

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