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The information in this publication has been compiled for primarily one reason; as a response to the claims and traditional belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the true church and that of papal infallibility. This book is a progressive history of the papacy from its claimed beginning until now. The reader must realize this is not a work of primary historical scholarship; to cover comprehensively all the actions of over 260 pops and 39 antipopes spanning two millenniums would be too exhaustive a task and perhaps not very interesting. There has always been a tendency by the faithful members of the church to explain away papal misdeeds and disastrous papal policies by saying one will always find a few bad apples in the barrel, but this barrel is comprised of over 260 bad apples (not including the 39 antipopes), and as to how many would fit this description of bad apples let the reader discern – were the majority moral or immoral? It’s a fascinating look at the claimed unbroken line of popes supposedly starting with Peter and continuing to today.

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